CLPA Meeting Minutes - Aug 2007

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CLPA Meeting Minutes - Aug 2007

Postby Tony » Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:29 am

August 12, 2007

The August Meeting of the Canada Lakes Protective Association was called to order by President, Warren Roosevelt on August 12, 2007 at 9:20AM. Present were Secretary, Mary Cannon and Treasurer, Dorothea Loomis. Directors present were Merryn Byrnes, Mike Cannon, Linda Clark, Edward Fake, Linda Fake, Bill Fielding, David Fisher, Dave Hoffman, Dick Lefebvre, Richard Maider, Mike Manning, Lois Miller, Tim Mitchell, Doug Smith, John Widdemer. Also present were CLPA members Lane Franz and Judy Moritz and Stewart’s Landing Association members, Henry and Dorothy Eifert. Warren welcomed everyone.
Mary Cannon asked if the directors had received and read the minutes of the June director’s meeting sent to them by e-mail. The minutes were approved. No new correspondence was reported.
Dorothea Loomis read the treasurer’s report. It was noted that the balance in the checking account is $6582 and the savings balance is $19341 for a total of $25923.00. Donations have increased to $760 from $715. The net profit from the Kane Mountain patches is now $1834 since started in 2003. A motion was made to accept the report by Dick Lefebvre seconded by Mike Cannon. The report was approved.

President’s Comments/Warren Roosevelt
“For the betterment of the CLPA I suggest no further discussion of the building projects which came under much dispute in the past. All comments and questions should be directed to the Town of Caroga Building Inspector or to the Town Board. That is a good move to take here.
This summer got off to a great start. The picnic hosted over 120 members. The weather cooperated and the food and conversation was excellent. The Pirate Party had over 65 participants, the kids had a ‘matey’ of a time. The Ladies Luncheon had over fifty attendees, it was a wonderful event. I wish to thank all the hosts and organizers of these worthwhile social events. The Ice Cream Social is to be held today at the residence of Linda and John Olm. We should all walk down for a sundae or just to say hello.
The CLPA and I would like to take this opportunity to recognize our dear friend, Dick Lefebvre. We wish to express a fond farewell to our extremely knowledgeable friend, member and director. This CLPA Director cannot be easily replaced. With the selling of his home on the Lake, he will soon be leaving our community. It is a great loss to the Canada Lake Protective Association and a gain to the State of North Carolina. At this time I would like to thank Dick for all he has done for our organization in the many years he has served his Lake. Canada Lake and the Adirondacks are a better place because he was here. I know I speak for all of us when I wish him and Gay much happiness in their new adventure. Perhaps Dick would like to say a few words.”
Dick Lefebvre stated that it has been a hell of a ride. They bought their home in 1985 and although the Board has not been without complex issues the changes in the Board have been good. In the mid-eighties Dick felt the board was very cloistered and now has expanded to include all socio-economic and geographical groups that reside on the lake to the CLPA Board. He strongly suggested term limits be considered for the Board of Directors. Dick stated that the problems on this lake are not unique, but the ties we have made with NYFOLA, DEC and the APA should be continued and encouraged. On behalf of Gay and himself Dick stated it has been a “wonderful ride.”


Lake Activities Committees

Flare Lighting: Linda Fake reported that the flares and accompanying fireworks were fantastic: a rival to Sherman’s. The summer will finish with Flare Lighting on September 1st

Ski and Wakeboard Clinic: The clinic had over 30 children this year. Some children skied for the first time even a 5 year old, Abbigail Olm. The clinic went from 10AM-3PM. Ed Fake suggested another ski boat would be useful. Brad Fielding and Jay Manning taught the wakeboard part of the clinic. The feedback from parents was great.

Ladies Luncheon: Linda said it was the best ever, giving thanks to Sue Tantalo for organizing the function.

Youth Activities: Linda Fake told the Board that there were lots of new kids this year attending the Youth Activities. Story time is well attended although the Island needs cleaning more than usual. The Pirate Party was a huge success even garnering a picture in the Leader Herald. Goodie bags were given to the children from the generous donations. Thanks were given to Mary Sasscer Offut for photography. The Trek to Irving’s Pond had over 18 parents. John Byrnes brought along grubs and bugs for the kids to identify. Upcoming events include the Ice Cream Social, a hike to Kane Mountain with a terrarium craft project by Lois Miller and a first Field Day at the Olm’s.
Linda Clark thanked Ed and Linda Fake as well as Kristen Franz for their effort and organization in chairing the Youth Activities. All board members joined in thanking the Fake’s. Linda Fake said she is on a five year retirement plan.

Sailing and Picnic: No reports

Lake Organizational Committees

Fire Department: Bill Fielding thanked the Association for its support of the Fire Department. He stated that 98% of the calls are EMT related while only 2% are for fires.

Adirondack: Dick Lefebvre passed around a publication of the Lake George Association called the Lake George Book. The book, which deals with water quality, building issues and lake access visibility could be used as a resource for our organization. Dick suggested we could replicate this publication and use it in part for our smaller association.

Legal: Although Linda Clark had nothing to report she had a few comments relating to zoning. Linda Clark stated that our association still needs to be active in zoning issues and in our advocacy regarding all lakefront protection laws. She understands that the CLPA does not have on its agenda the desire to side with individual concerns. But, Linda Clark reiterated that the
Association should continue to look at upcoming building projects and remain diligent in using the existing laws to protect our waterfronts. Warren Roosevelt stated that the association should be aware of what is going on around us in terms of building and perhaps with pre-planning prevent any infractions before they occur.

Membership: Merryn Byrnes reported that current CLPA membership is 279. Donations for 2007 are $1240. The two fundraisers are progressing. The Flood CD is being pre-ordered at a cost of $15. Merry will send e-mails to members requesting more flood photos to give the CD a more diverse geographical documentation. The Echos on CD will be for sale at the cost of $20. This publication will date back to the 1950’s to present day.
Merryn also discussed the need for a CLPA Website. The website would be used to generate lake activity news as well as links to local events. The site would be useful in dispersing
information between directors and committee chairpersons. Just updating the address list is cumbersome and a web site would make the process more efficient. Merryn Byrnes made a motion to allocate up to $500 for the generation of a CLPA Website. The motion was seconded by John Widdemer and approved by the Board.

Lake Publication: The Echo Judy Moritz passed around her upcoming deadline for the Echo.
Judy requested that the Officers and Committees be ready for publication. Mary Cannon said the committee chairs have been given a list and once changes are made the finalized list will be given to Judy Moritz. Judy reminded the President of the two letters that he is responsible to dictate. One letter, the first is included in the membership packet and the second in the Echo. The first letter requests admissions for the Echo. ( Merryn clarified that the first letter is sent to all property owners on all the Canada Lakes and that the second letter, included in the Echo is only received by members.

By Laws: No Report
Directory: No report
Winter Emergency: No report
Nominating: No report

Lake Management Committees

Fire Safety: Bill Fielding stressed the need to have a fire plan and hoses charged for any possible emergencies. 911 numbers should be clearly posted. For those with lake-access-only properties, this is of great importance. If a 911 call is initiated, let the sheriff know that you are accessible only by water, have the numbers posted on your dock in reflective paper so to make the 911 numbers visible at night.

Fishing: Tim Mitchell spoke with John Plantz, the committee chair and John stated that the stocking continues the same as the previous twelve years. Bass fishing has been better than ever. Tim said salmon were stocked two years ago but there is no confirmation of further stocking.

Campsites: Lois Miller told the board that as of two weeks ago everything looked clean.
Highway: John Broderick is continuing to clean the highway.
Fire Tower: Tim Mitchell stated that he hikes to the tower frequently and it looks good, save for the occasional bottle thrown from the top.
Island: Linda Fake said that there is more trash this year and therefore more clean up crews. She informed the board that Edwin Woods of the Silvernail camp made and donated benches to the island. Edwin said that it was his way of helping out the association. Linda thanked Edwin for his generosity.

Lake Safety: Mary Cannon mentioned that correspondence was received from Jim Carroll with concerns of unsafe driving on the lake the weekend of August 4th particularly in regards to his canoe. Mary said she responded to him by e-mail. Mike Cannon stated that more boats are involved in wakeboarding and not planing off their boats is causing larger waves. A possible solution is to make sure people respect the 100 feet clearance from boat to shore. Tim Mitchell said the Sheriff’s presence could help.
Linda Fake and Lois Miller witnessed a possible serious accident. On the week of August 6th a man was on a boat pulling a young girl with no spotter attending. The little girl seemed distressed and the man proceeded to jump into the lake without a life preserver, leaving the boat
in gear. Linda Fake then attempted to rescue the man who appeared to be going under. The little girl swam safely to shore. Thankfully the incident had a safe outcome. Finally as the man was leaving, Lois Miller reminded him that he need to have a spotter. Lois said, “No, no it’s against the law, not to have a spotter.”
Dick Lefebvre suggested that the directors remember that there is an ongoing Sheriff’s race between Tom Lorey and Dave Edwards and it may be worthwhile to contact these candidates.
Warren Roosevelt asked Bill Fielding if there was any set schedule for when the sheriffs arrive at the lake and Bill said it is a random enforcement. Linda Clark stated that the wake issue is affecting other small lakes. Some lakes have banned the types of boats that produce these wakes. She also said that it is a New York law that makes the operator responsible for all damages caused by the boat and ensuing large wakes. Linda asked if an information box in the Echo would be helpful, Warren agreed and Linda Clark will handle that job. It was also suggested by Dave Fisher that skiing be conducted in the middle of the lake, the advantage being less wake to neighboring docks. Henry Eifert informed us that there were three recent break-ins at Stewart Landing and the sheriff should be made aware of any unsafe conditions on our lake and properties.

Water Purity: Merryn Byrnes told the directors that the State of New York finally gave approval and the administration signed a contract agreeing to pay the lab to run the water samples. She and her committee are in the process of taking their fourth sample, which is half of their normal intake at this time. Being a little behind schedule will extend the testing to early October. She still has not received the 2006 report from DEC that would have been advantageous to review and determine if the flood had any effect on our lake waters. She will send an informational
e- mail to all directors when the report arrives.
Merryn continued to update us on the bacteria tests being conducted. They have sampled half of their sites and took one confirmed sample of bacteria from West Lake. This was the fourth time this sample showed bacteria to be present. When this sample is taken to the certified Lab within the week, Merryn is quite sure the test will conclude it positive for e coli. If e coli is confirmed the neighbors and town will be notified by letter. This protocol was established by the CLPA at the previous meeting in June. All directors will be updated on the test by e-mail. John Widdemer asked who enforces any action due to e coli and Merryn said it is the Code Enforcement Officer of Caroga. Merryn said she is familiar with the protocol of retrieving samples and delivering them to the lab in a timely manner, so as not to compromise the testing.
Merryn stated that she would conduct PH testing in the next four testings.
Ed Fake thanked Merryn and stated how fortunate we are to have her expertise.

Water Level: Tim Mitchell said thanks to someone upstairs for keeping the water level, level. Tim asked Dick information on the newly formed Ad hoc committee. Dick Lefebvre stated that Mike Cannon contacted the town and learned the Town of Caroga is the owner of Irving’s
Pond Dam. The town has no interest in replacing the dam. Tim said the other possibility the association was exploring was the restrictions in the channel. It has been determined by Lauren Lozier’s contact with the DEC that the restrictions are man made. Henry Eifert told us he has a satellite photo of the area that displays the owner and property lines of this portion of the channel. Bill Fielding said that it is unusual for a person to own part of a waterway, but this is the case near Stewart’s Landing. If a private owner wished to remove some stones from his property perhaps that would be a solution to explore.
Bill also stated that the relationship between the CLPA and DEC in Northville has been a good one. They are contacted very rarely, for example one time last year at which time the dam was opened. He suggested that one person from the CLPA continue this cordial relationship with Jim McEnaney. Warren Roosevelt said that he would continue with that either with a face to face or by e-mail.
Lois Miller then went back to water purity as one of her neighbors had a breached septic system. Brett Fielding’ s new service was used for the first time, pumping out the septic tank. Bill told us how over the winter Brett talked to him about starting a pumping service for those on the lake who have only water access. After much advice from Dick Lefebvre and going through much bureaucracy Brett’s business venture was approved by the town and the local DEC Officer and all other necessary agencies. Brett has handed out brochures and he is still working on his costs and pricing. His pumping business provides a needed service to those lake owners affected and for maintaining the water purity on our lakes. Warren Roosevelt thanked Bill Fielding for Brett’s work and advancement for the Lake and Lois heartily agreed.

Old Business:

Property Assessments: Warren Roosevelt stated that he went to the Town Hall and at this time no plans are underway for any re-evaluation of homes for property assessment. There is no need for a change to 100% assessment. The Town actually has to have a financial need in order to consider a reassessment. Henry Eifert stated that living in the Town of Stratford that tried to invoke a 100% evaluation, homeowners fought this decree and were successful. Warren said a similar situation occurred in Caroga this past year.

Boathouse Update: Warren updated us on the Boathouse situation, stating that a trial will be presided over by Judge Giardino scheduled for November 5, 2007. It is not known if this is a jury trial, it is however the last appeal available. The outcome may be an order to demolish or conform to the codes, by the owner or the town and the owner henceforth charged the cost of demolition.

Ad hoc Committee: Warren Roosevelt asked John Widdemer to update the board on the progress of a newly formed committee. John Widdemer stated that after his few weeks of looking around our lake this committee needs a mission statement. He was asked at the previous board meeting to chair an ad hoc committee (which is a committee formed for a specific purpose or goal). That committee was asked to define the character values of the lake and research areas with codes
already in place. John feels that to preserve the character of the Lake you must preserve the character of the population. The dilemma is when a small cottage is bought and is replaced with a larger structure: what codes are in place to safeguard that the new structure not be completely disparate from the adjoining buildings. John Widdemer asked for more direction with his committee so as not to work towards the wrong goal. Bill Fielding stated that the by-laws state one goal of this organization, is to the preserve the quality of the Lake and this by-law should be general enough to cover this newly formed committee.
John went on to say that some areas, for example, the Great Lakes have overlay zoning laws. The additional zoning laws target portions of a town differently. John notes that this would have to be done by the town board. John asked if this committee should go forward, as this is an important issue with a long encompassing vision. John also feels all the residents of the lake should be behind this concept and asked their opinions. He suggests a questionnaire in the Echo.
Bill Fielding added that John’s initial report has made him aware that we are trying to do two things, keep property values down and maintain a building plan that allows comparable structures to be built here: structures that do not differ from existing homes in monumental ways. Bill agreed that an overlay zone is a possibility: to regulate size in height or width or square footage as it relates to adjoining properties. A way to control property values is to control what is built here and maybe overlay zoning is a good idea, an idea that could be mentioned to the town.
Dick Lefebvre thinks this project is not a short term one, but is one that the association should pursue. The Town already as an adult entertainment overlay now. But, the goal of the committee should not be to keep taxes down, but to do investigation perhaps of other lakes and what they are doing to maintain the character of the neighborhood.
Warren Roosevelt said he thinks we need the blessing of all landowners and their support as we try to enhance the character of the lake.
Linda Clark said the town is grappling with the lack of definitions related to waterfront projects. This committee in the short term through recommendations to the board, the town and its planning board could be advocates. The overlay proposal which may or may not be a good fit for this lake should be used for the long term. This committee is a useful vehicle for communication and can be used to develop ideas for being an advocate for the lake.
Bill then added that the process of working with the town should be done carefully and respectfully. At times the definitions of codes set by the APA are looked at a different way by the town. Linda Clark feels that the Code Enforcement Officer, Mike Heberer would like clearly defined definitions. These definitions could be suggestions from this association and be given to the planning board of the town.
Warren Roosevelt likes the idea of the overlay proposal and agrees to work with our town officers and boards. Dick Lefebvre feels Bill’s suggestion to work with the process of presentation is an important one. Dick also suggests our association reach out to other lakes in the town, getting their input. It would be beneficial to bring the waterfront of the town together to visualize a plan. And also realize that our problems are not unique to this lake or to the other lakes of Caroga. Doug Smith suggests that we involve all the lakes of the Town and involving other associations will be very beneficial. Warren Roosevelt said he will try to make that happen by contacting all the other associations.

New Business:

Liability Insurance:
Warren Roosevelt brought up the topic of Liability Insurance, and strongly urges the CLPA to acquire this insurance. Warren said we need insurance for our Officers and Directors. Linda Clark offered to write up a proposal. Two types of insurance policies may be needed. One: The insurance which protects the Officers and Directors from the decisions that they made. Two: The insurance that covers liability from accidents associated with the many CLPA sponsored events. Warren suggested a local agency, the Hearn Agency as a first contact.
Linda Clark will research the cost and put it to a vote via e-mail in the near future.

Geese: There have been complaints about the geese population. Mary Cannon mentioned that she has a PDF of information from the DEC website located at which lists various solutions.

Schedule for 2008
Mary Cannon went through the possible dates for next summer and the following dates were agreed upon.

Directors Meeting @ Roosevelt’s Sunday, June 29, 9AM
Flare Lighting Saturday, July 5, 9:30PM
Beach Party/ Activities Planning @ Fake’s Saturday, July 5, 10AM
Annual Meeting @ Town Hall Saturday, July 12, 8PM
Ladies Luncheon Tuesday, July 15, 12:30PM
Water Ski Clinic @ Fake’s Saturday, July 19, 10AM
CLPA Picnic @ Cannon’s Saturday, July 26, 1PM
Ice Cream Social @ TBA Sunday, August 10, 1PM
Director’s Meeting @ TBA Sunday August 16, 9AM
Flare Lighting Saturday, August 30, 9PM

E-Mail Lists
Bill stated that there may be a problem with e-mails in that any member can use the e-mail addresses to disseminate information that may not be sanctioned by the CLPA. The possession of lists have been abused in the past. Merryn feels the e-mail list should only be shared amongst Merryn Byrnes: Membership, Mary Cannon: Secretary and Judy Moritz: the Echo. E-Mail generation needs to be controlled, only sending very important information. The website will help. A signature could be attached to the e-mail making it CLPA sanctioned. For example stating ‘this is an e-mail sent to you by the Canada Lake Protective Association’.

Protocol for Communication
Bill Fielding said that our organization needs to develop a protocol for communication. As an example a purely hypothetical one,someone buys the Motel which is located in the Hamlet. At this point Warren Roosevelt receives requests for aid, what will be the protocol for dealing with these issues. Dick Lefebvre stated that the Winter Committee is a very useful tool in dealing

with issues that may arise throughout the year. He suggested to Warren that the members of this committee are very important ones. After much discussion, it was decided that the first step in protocol is to contact the Town Supervisor. The town could then inform their appropriate committees. If no action is taken by the town the APA would be contacted to resolve the issues.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30AM, August 12, 2007. Mike Cannon moved to adjourn the meeting seconded by Tim Mitchell.

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